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Location of the workshop

“Aula Magna” of Mathematics and Computer Science Department, viale Andrea Doria, 6, Catania, Italy

About Mathematics and Computer Science Department
The University of Catania "Siciliane Studium Generale" was created on 1343. The Faculty of Mathematical Sciences was one of the earliest at the University of Catania. In this Faculty one could obtain the Laurea Degree in Mathematics and all mathematics teachers joint together in a unique Institute of Mathematics, in a similar way as the German mathematics Institutes. At the end of the second world's war the Institute of Mathematics moved in a new location sited at the last floor of the Science Building and it changes its structure becoming Seminario Matematico. The Seminario di Matematica remained on the Science Building until 1979 when it moved to the new and efficient buildings at La Cittadella where it is still located. In 1984, according to some national laws, the Seminario Matematico became Dipartimento di Matematica and in 1990, by fusion with teachers of Computer Science, took the present name of Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica. At this moment there are 97 teachers of Mathematics and Computer Science and 24 people in the administration working in the Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica (Mathematics and Computer Science Department). A full description of the Mathemathics and Computer Science Department can be found here [1].


Here we will add information and links on Catania and it's surroundings including Etna and Taormina

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