Bioinformatics for the management, analysis and interpretation of microarray data

November 27 - 28, 2003, CINECA, Bologna, Italy

The NETTAB 2003 workshop is focused on:
"Bioinformatics for the management, analysis and interpretation of microarray data".

This edition will be organized also with the help of the Hormone Responsive Breast Cancer (HRBC) Genomics Network ( - about 100 researchers from about 15 different institutions, most of them will be at the NETTAB worskhop. The network has been funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (FIRB project) for a three-years research project on the breast cancer. The network makes large use of microarray technology, and it is going to select common platforms (both experimentals and bioinformatics) to generate comparable results in different labs.

In the last years, biomedical research has evolved through the development of new technologies, as the microarray technology, able to assay gene expression for thousands of genes at a time. This "high-throughput" technology gives the researchers the opportunity to investigate with a new and powerful approach the underlying genetic causes of many human diseases, as well as physiological aspects of growth and development.

After few years, during which the experimental platforms and protocols have been assessed, microarrays applications are now quickly growing up. In the meantime, bioinformatics is solicited to create the tools of analysis and interpretation to understand the biological phenomena under investigation.

Analysis of massive gene expression data requires statistical methods, data mining approaches, and data base storage and searches tools, but most relevant is the standardization of experimental protocols, data format, information describing experimentals, and other experimental and analytical aspects, to be able to exploit data sets from different laboratories in large scale analysis of data.

Main topics of the NETTAB 2003 workshop are:

  • standardization of experiments and data, including: identification of information requirements, use cases, data models, data structures, data exchange formats, submission formats, comparison of platforms, etc...
  • analysis and management tools, including: database management systems, clustering tools, etc...
  • applications of bioinformatics to microarray experiments, including: integrative data analysis, gene expression analysis, wide genome analysis, functional genomics, toxicogenomics, oncogenomics, any-omics, etc....

Workshop aims are:

  • to collect the latest ideas, achievements and proposals in the application of bioinformatics to the microarray data analysis and interpretation,
  • to strengthen the relationships within bioinformatics community, also in view of a wider sinergical effort towards common scientific aims,
  • to improve cooperation between bioinformatics and biomedical communities.

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