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2019 Computational Proteomics
2018 FAIR Bioinformatic environment
2017 Personalized Medicine
2016 Reproducibility in Bioinformatics
2015 NETTAB & IB joint meeting
2014 Bioinformatics to Systems Biology
2013 Semantic, Social, Mobile
2012 Integrated Bio-Search
2011 Clinical Bioinformatics
2010 Biological Wikis
2009 Collaborative and Social Research
2008 Biomedical Complex Systems
2007 Semantic Web
2006 GRID Infrastructures
2005 Bioinformatics Workflows
2004 From Biology to Bioinformatics
2003 Microarrays
2002 Software Agents
2001 CORBA and XML

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NETTAB workshops are focused on the most promising and innovative ICT tools and to their usefulness in Bioinformatics. They aim to introduce participants to the evolving network standards and technologies that are being applied to the biology field.

Topics are defined by also taking into account wishes, desires, comments and suggestions of researchers. We would then be extremely glad if you could spend ten minutes by sending us your comments and suggestions on past and future NETTAB workshops.

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