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Integrated Bio-Search
November 14-16, 2012, Como, Italy

NETTAB workshops are held under the patronage of
Bioinformatics Italian Society and EMBnet
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Como shoreline from the lake

List of oral communications

For exact allocation of talks in the scientififc sessions, see the Scientific Programme.

  • Rational design of organelle compartments in cells
    Claudio Angione, Giovanni Carapezza, Jole Costanza, Pietro Lio' and Giuseppe Nicosia
  • Filtering with alignment free distances for high throughput DNA reads assembly
    Maria Cristina De Cola, Giovanni Felici, Daniele Santoni and Emanuel Weitschek
  • A semantic collaborative system for the management of translational research projects
    Matteo Gabetta, Giuseppe Milani, Cristiana Larizza, Valentina Favalli, Eloisa Arbustini and Riccardo Bellazzi
  • Answering Gene Ontology terms to proteomics questions by supervised macro reading in Medline
    Julien Gobeill, Emilie Pasche, Douglas Teodoro, Anne-Lise Veuthey and Patrick Ruch
  • Using graph theory to analyze gene network coherence
    Francisco Gómez-Vela, Norberto Díaz-Díaz, Jose Antonio Lagares, Jose Antonio Sánchez and Jesús Aguilar-Ruiz
  • The open source ISA software suite and its international user community: knowledge management of experimental data
    Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Eamonn Maguire, Philippe Rocca-Serra and Susanna-Assunta Sansone
  • Network-based gene-disease prioritization using PROPHNET
    Víctor Martínez, Carlos Cano and Armando Blanco
  • QTreds: a flexible LIMS for omics laboratories
    Piergiorgio Palla, Gianfranco Frau, Laura Vargiu and Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé
  • Development of a text search engine for medicinal chemistry patents
    Emilie Pasche, Julien Gobeill, Fatma Oezdemir-Zaech, Therese Vachon, Christian Lovis and Patrick Ruch
  • The ontogene system: an advanced information extraction application for biological literature
    Fabio Rinaldi
  • IntelliGenWiki: An Intelligent Semantic Wiki for Life Sciences
    Bahar Sateli, Marie-Jean Meurs, Gregory Butler, Justin Powlowski, Adrian Tsang and René Witte
  • ROCK: a resource for integrative breast cancer data analysis
    Marketa Zvelebil, Costas Mitsopoulos and Saif Ur-Rehman

These communications will be given at the technological-industrial session, see the Scientific Programme.

  • Extracting knowledge from biomedical data through Logic Learning Machines and Rulex
    Marco Muselli
  • Data modeling: the key to biological data integration
    François Rechenmann
  • GeneGrid: finding disease causing variants in NGS data
    Jochen Supper, Claudia Gugenmus, Korbinian Grote and Frederic Eyber

For exact allocation of talks in the scientififc sessions, see the Scientific Programme.

  • BioQuery-ASP: querying biomedical databases and ontologies using Answer Set Programming
    Esra Erdem and Umut Oztok
  • A strategy to reduce technical variability and bias in RNA sequencing data
    Francesca Finotello, Enrico Lavezzo, Luisa Barzon, Paolo Mazzon, Paolo Fontana, Stefano Toppo and Barbara Di Camillo
  • Applications of a generic model of genomic variations functional analysis
    Sarah N. Mapelli and Uberto Pozzoli
  • Ranking-aware integration and explorative search of distributed bio-data
    Marco Masseroli, Matteo Picozzi and Giorgio Ghisalberti
  • DiGSNP: a web tool for Disease-Gene-SNP hierarchical prioritization
    Carmen Navarro, Carlos Cano, Armando Blanco and Fernando García
  • The Biovel project: robust phylogenetic workflows running on the Grid
    Saverio Vicario, Bachir Balech, Giacinto Donvito, Pasquale Notarangelo and Graziano Pesole

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