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List of posters

Instructions for the preparation of posters
Maximum size of posters is standard A0, i.e. 84 by 119 cm (33.1 inches by 46.8 inches).
Posters will be hanged up by using drawing pins, that will be provided by the organization.

Extend the life of your poster

NETTAB 2012, in cooperation with Faculty of 1000, invites all members to deposit any of their poster/oral presentation(s) into the established open access poster repository, F1000 Posters to allow those who could not make the meeting have the opportunity to see your novel work.
F1000's expert Faculty of 10,000 members will then view these submissions to identify those they wish to select for positive evaluation in the award winning F1000 service. To deposit your work, simply go to and upload your file and maximize the value of your conference presentations.


GROUP 1 - Knowledge management and data integration (I)

  1. G-SNPM - A GPU-based SNP mapping tool
    Alessandro Orro, Andrea Manconi, Emanuele Manca, Giuliano Armano and Luciano Milanesi
  2. Bioinformatics approach for data management about bone cells grown on substitute materials
    Federica Viti, Ivan Merelli, Silvia Scaglione and Luciano Milanesi
  3. MBLabDB: a social database for molecular biodiversity data
    Flavio Licciulli, Domenico Catalano, Domenica D'Elia, Giorgio De Caro, Giorgio Grillo, Pietro Leo, Giuseppina Mulè, Paolo Pannarale, Graziano Pappadà, Francesco Rubino, Antonia Susca, Saverio Vicario and Gaetano Scioscia
  4. The integration of microRNA target data by biclustering techniques opens new roads for signaling networks analysis
    Gianvito Pio, Michelangelo Ceci, Corrado Loglisci, Donato Malerba and Domenica D'Elia
GROUP 2 - Knowledge management and data integration (II)
  1. An ontological-based knowledge organization for bioinformatics workflow management system
    Antonino Fiannaca, Massimo La Rosa, Salvatore Gaglio, Riccardo Rizzo and Alfonso Urso
  2. Poster not presented
  3. CorrelaGenes: a new tool for the interpretation of the human transcriptome
    Paolo Cremaschi, Sergio Rovida, Lucia Sacchi, Antonella Lisa, Alessandra Montecucco, Giuseppe Biamonti, Silvia Bione and Gianni Sacchi
  4. Clustering and assembling large transcriptome datasets by EasyCluster2
    Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Nicola Pietroleonardo, Ely I. Giannino, Fabio Stroppa, Graziano Pesole and Ernesto Picardi
GROUP 3 - Health informatics, oncology and data integration (I)
  1. A Grid-enabled web platform for integrated digital biobanking in paediatrics
    Massimiliano Izzo, Andrea Schenone, Sara Barzaghi, Fabiola Blengio, Marco Massimo Fato and Luigi Varesio
  2. Decision trees improved neuroblastoma stratification using an hypoxia related signature
    Davide Cangelosi, Fabiola Blengio, Rogier Versteeg, Angelika Eggert, Alberto Garaventa, Massimo Conte, Claudio Gambini, Alessandra Eva and Luigi Varesio
  3. ONCO-i2b2: improve patients selection through CBR techniques with heterogeneous distance functions
    Daniele Segagni, Matteo Gabetta, Valentina Tibollo, Arianna Dagliati, Alberto Zambelli, Cristiana Larizza, Silvia G. Priori and Riccardo Bellazzi
  4. Network-based analysis of stem cells differentiation
    Francesca Mulas, Lan Zagar, Blaz Zupan and Riccardo Bellazzi
GROUP 4 - Health informatics, oncology and data integration (II)
  1. Ordering copy number alteration data to analyze colorectal cancer progression
    Iuliana Bocicor, Giulio Caravagna, Alex Graudenzi, Claudia Cava, Giancarlo Mauri and Marco Antoniotti
  2. Chromosome instability for tumor progression inference
    Claudia Cava, Italo Zoppis, Manuela Gariboldi, James F Reid, Marco Antoniotti and Giancarlo Mauri
  3. A first RDF implementation of the COSMIC database on mutations in cancer
    Achille Zappa and Paolo Romano
  4. HARP: an automated platform for targeted resequencing data analysis
    Fernando Palluzzi
GROUP 5 - Knowledge management and health informatics
  1. Empowering web portal users with personalized text mining services
    Fedor Bakalov, Marie-Jean Meurs, Birgitta König-Ries, Bahar Sateli, René Witte, Gregory Butler and Adrian Tsang
  2. Biomedical Text Mining for Disease Gene Discovery
    Sarah Elshal, Jesse Davis and Yves Moreau
  3. Information extraction system for tagging italian medical texts with UMLS concepts
    Susanna Pivetti and Mauro Giacomini
  4. A MESH-based health care prevention information retrieval system
    Roberta Gazzarata, Susanna Pivetti, and Mauro Giacomini
GROUP 6 - Systems biology and health informatics
  1. Prediction and 3D visualization of biological networks using cytological disease mapping
    Ralf Hofestädt, Vladimir Ivanisenko, Bjorn Sommer and Patrizio Arrigo
  2. Understanding biological systems qualitatively: a shape-based formal approach
    Nicola Paoletti, Emanuela Merelli, and Luca Tesei
  3. Multiscale modelling in marine ecotoxicology
    Marianna Taffi, Pietro Liò, Mauro Marini, Emanuela Merelli, Nicola Paoletti, and Luca Tesei
  4. A Data-Driven Clinical Predictive Rule (CPR) for Pulmonary Embolism
    Matteo Rucco, Emanuela Merelli, Lorenzo Falsetti, and Aldo Salvi
GROUP 7 - Other protocols for health informatics and biological annotation
  1. Detection of allele-specific gene expression on Next Generation Sequencing data
    Vladan Mijatovic, Luciano Xumerle, Alberto Ferrarini, Ilaria Iacobucci, Chiara Pighi, Antonio Mori, Chiara Zusi, Paola Prandini, Elisabetta Trabetti, Massimo Delledonne, Giovanni Martinelli, Alberto Zamò, Pier Franco Pignatti and Giovanni Malerba
  2. AnnotateGenomicRegions: a web application
    Heiko Muller, Luca Zammataro and Gabriele Bucci
  3. A multivariate analysis of protein microarrays for signature selection profiles
    Saveria Mazzara, Antonella Sinisi, Angela Cardaci, Sergio Abrignani and Mauro Bombaci
  4. Comparison of early and late omics data integration for Cancer Modules gene ranking
    Matteo Re, Marco Mesiti and Giorgio Valentini
GROUP 8 - Miscellaneous (I)
  1. A tool for the extraction of new disease biomarkers from ex vivo and in vivo data
    Francesca Gallivanone, Carla Canevari, Sassi Isabella, Alberto Marassi, Maria Picchio, Maria Carla Gilardi and Isabella Castiglioni
  2. Glycans, the forgotten biomolecular actors of the big picture
    Matthew Campbell, Julien Mariethoz, Catherine Hayes, Pauline Rudd, Niclas Karlsson, Nicolle Packer and Frédérique Lisacek
  3. Distilling structure in scientific workflows
    Jiuqiang Chen, Christine Froidevaux, Carole Goble, Alan R Williams and Sarah Cohen-Boulakia
  4. Poster not presented
GROUP 9 - Miscellaneous (II) and Demonstrations
  1. Simulation of caspases apoptotic signalling pathway in a tuple space-based bioinformatics infrastructure
    Maura Cardenas Garcia, Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Perez and Sara Montagna
  2. BioBlender
    Tiziana Loni, Ilaria Carlone and Monica Zoppè
  3. Genomic and proteomic data integration for comprehensive biodata search
    Arif Canakoglu and Marco Masseroli
  4. Ranking-aware integration and explorative search of distributed bio-data
    Marco Masseroli, Matteo Picozzi and Giorgio Ghisalberti

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